Web Application Modernization

What is Web Application Modernization?

It is the process of modernizing existing legacy applications, which can still work but outdated and may be even incompatible with browsers, operating system and software Modernization an application is done on several levels:
1. Architecture of the Application
2. Platform hosting the Application
3. Updating Application Features


Why is Web Application Modernization important?

In most cases, legacy applications are vital but complicated to update and takes lots of effort to scale. Implementing additional features to the application is also a challenge.  Web Application Modernization has benefits in several areas

1. Costing
2. Flexibility
3. Extensibility
4. Security
5. Availability
6. Robustness

Microsoft Azure provides the infrastructure and all the tools required to have a successful Web Application Modernization.

Platform Benefits


Monitoring and Troubleshooting


Microsoft Azure IaaS and PaaS are powerful and the foundation for existing and new web apps including DevOps

Microsoft Azure provides a highly secure environment for your infrastructure components and web applications

Microsoft Azure provides a set of rich monitoring and troubleshooting tools for your web apps

Microsoft Azure enables companies to explore tools and applications more rapidly with lower cost