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MS Dynamics CRM

One of the best products we have the privilege to recommend and implement with many of our clients, as well as use it in our daily operations, is Microsoft's Dynamics CRM.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM, in addition to serving as an Application Framework, provides Reusable Services that can span across Multiple Applications along with the ability to be Extended to create Line-of-Business (LOB) applications for a wide range of industry-needs.

So it's the perfect glove that can actually fit any of your organization's specific needs, and with minor customization and convenient pricing models (one time deployment On-Premise, Cloud-hosted with recurring fees, or a Hybrid of both On-Premise & Cloud).

And not only that, it boasts significant Integration Capabilities with Office Applications, such as Outlook, and the Microsoft Windows operating systems, to be in full compliance and make the best of the Microsoft Family of products.


User Interface and Mobile Apps

Whether you are end users are Employees, Customers or Citizens; what makes or breaks any organization is having a carefully designed presentation interface to allow users to quickly and easily engage & interact with your services.

From Internet Websites, to Intranet Web Portals, and especially Mobile Applications; we put the Experience in adopting any new technology that aims to increase efficiency, productivity and enhance the organization to the next level.

Advancya brings you quick and extensible solutions with minimal overhead, relying on such technologies as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Native Mobile Platform Functionality. We promote the latest and best in technologies to give you:


• Rapid Application Development

• Reusability of code & features

• Consistent UX (User Experience)

• Responsive Design, adjusting to different screen sizes (PC, Phone, Tablets & "Phablets").

• Compatibility across multiple mobile platforms like Apple, Android & Windows.

• Support for online/offline operations


Business Intelligence.. Big Data

We don't take the term "Data Management Solution" lightly, unlike most solutions in the market. We consider the Pyramid Of Wisdom as the pinnacle of what it means to turn raw Data, into organized Information, that allows you to have Knowledge, and ultimately gain the Wisdom needed to steer your organization to the right decision that will affect your future.

Business Intelligence (BI) is more than a few graphs automatically generated from dumb data, but rather a set of theories, methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for business purposes.

That's why our Business Analysts & Consultants are there to offer a guided tour on the potential of your organization's data, and what secrets and benefits you can unlock!


MS SharePoint ( Portals & Project Portfolio Management )

Microsoft SharePoint and Project Portfolio Management have become one of the best and all-round comprehensive Enterprise Content Management & Project Management solutions out there, with a proven track record with many Government & Enterprise clients.

With Content in general being one of the critical factors in any business, SharePoint comes in with its abilities to Organize and Manage Access to your Organization's Content, in a simple and most importantly, scalable way.

Enterprise Project Management processes, methods and application packages help organizations manage their entire Project Lifecycle, with a top-down bird's-eye view on the entire Projects Portfolio of the enterprise, and even the entire Government!

Our team boast years of experience in implementing business-driven solutions and thousands of hours of Requirements Gathering & Consulting, for both Enterprise & Government clients.

If you’re interested in any of the below offerings, then you’ve come to the right place!

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